Okay Folks here's a question for you.

I have 5 Trees Netware 6 and 6.5, I have a Netware 6.5 Server running DirXML
and syncing and replicating username and password into the Meta Directory.

On the Meta Directory Server I have Virtual Office Running with Netstorage.
This is secured with iChain which is getting it's authentication from the

I have the Primary Authentication Domain for Netstorage pointing at the Meta
Directory and the login scripts for the users are at the OU level of the
user location in the Meta Directory.

However when the user logins and accesses netstortage the drives are not
mapping or giving access to the local eDirectory trees where the servers and
volumes are located at various locations.

1. Is this configuration/solution possible?
2. Any ideas on why the it's not mapping across to the other tree(s)?
3. How do I get the users home directories to map using home varibles within
the meta directory?