I have a NW 6.0 SP5 cluster server on a Xiotech SAN. On Aug 22 we ran out
of space on our 10 gig SYS. We added 10 more gig from the SAN. However we
can't find where the space went.

If I do via w2k windows explorer a properties of SYS it says I am using 10.2
gig. If I select all the files and folders in SYS and then do a properties
it shows 2.35 gigs in use. If I go to DOS and do an ndir /vol I get

Statistics for fixed volume aa/SYS:
Space statistics are in KB (1024 bytes).

Total volume space: 19,425,360 100.00%
Space used by 54,514 entries: 10,737,556 55.28%
Deleted space not yet purgeable: 0
----- --------
Space remaining on volume: 8,687,804 44.72%
Space available to SBerger: 8,687,804 44.72%

Maximum directory entries: 2,147,483,647
Available directory entries: 2,147,429,133 100.00%

Space used if files were not compressed: 2,144,984,064
Space used by compressed files: 493,568
Space saved by compressing files: 2,144,490,496 99.98%

Uncompressed space used: 15,968,708

Name spaces loaded: MAC, NFS, OS/2

As you can see the "Space used if files were not compressed: 2,144,984,064"
is also out of whack.

Any insight would be appreciated.