We recently moved several servers from NW5.1 (traditional files
system) to NW6.5sp3 (NSS volumes). Before the migration the users
would receive a message that they were opening a read-only file. They
do not get this message now. Can this be changed back? They are
prompted to save the file with a new name and I must assume (I really
hate that, assuming) to a different location.
On another note, the users with RW (same scenario but, different
folder) will often receive "Your changes could not be saved to
'BlahBlah.xls' but, were saved to temporary document named 'BlahBlah'.
Close the existing document, then open the temporary and save it under
a new name. " We have changed the "file caching = off" in the client
(NW 4.90sp0) but because the errors were so erratic we are still
testing this setting. I have verified the attributes of the files and
directories, deleted the groups from the ACL and then added them back.
This offered no change.
Any ideas?
Thanks in advance