OK, I have a Netware 6.5 SP3 server setup that started about 4 years
ago. At that time (I think NW5.5) you were not allowed to set up your
SYS volume as an NSS drive. So I have 3 servers that have SYS as a
traditional volume.

Is this OK? - I mean, should (and could) I do something to change them to
a NSS volume.

My file server also has an INV volume (traditional) on it. At the time I
was not in charge of managing my servers and was told this volume would
be created for Zenworks Inventory (which I don't use). I wanna delete
this volume and allocate the space to my other pools.

So, my next question is: For the life of me I cannot remember how to do
this stuff with the traditional volumes. Back when all my volumes were
traditional I played a very minor role in server maintenance and
therefore didn't learn much. Now I'm the guy in charge and I like NSS.
(If only I could figure out why iManager isn't working, but that's
another thread).

So - one more question - just to confirm my suspicions - I'm getting a
new server next week and was planning on making my SYS volume an NSS
volume, that's ok, right?

Thanks folks for your assistance.