We had NW6.0 server with two 72GB HD's. It was only one volume SYS on the
Traditional Netware Partition (and the DOS partition naturally). The
Netware Partition was mirrored. Before the upgrade to NW6.5 the first HD
was disconnected to save the data, and we made upgrade on the second HD.
Now we have NW6.5 on one HD (formerly the second in mirror group) which
works fine. We remove old NW6.0 partiton from the first disk, but we
cannot make a new mirror group. We cannot use iManager nor NSSMU because
we have Traditional partition. So we have used NRM.
We can make a new NTP on this empty disk but the working partition with
NW6.5 shows it's still in mirror group and the mirror status is 0%. In
mirror group it's shown the same partition twice. We cannot remove this
working partition from the mirror group, so we cannot make new mirror
Any ideas? CAn anybody help?
Waitin for answer