Greetings all--

We're running NW6.5 SP3, on an HP DL380. We've got 5 36 Gig drives in a
Raid5 array through one of HP's SmartArray controllers.

We're starting to run tight on disk space, and I'd like to change the 36
gig drives for something larger. I think I know how to do this, but I'd
like to see if anyone has any recommendations for my plan.

1. Replace, over the course of a few days, each of the 36 GIG drives
and wait for them to be rebuilt back into the array.

2. Once the new drives are in place, run CPQONLIN and add the new space
to the pool.

3 Span the VOL1 volume with the new space.

Does this sound like a good plan? Is there anything I've left out?
I've done this in NW 5 without problems (on a non-production server) and
never had any issues. I will, of course, make sure I have backups of

Thanks in advance,
Brian Simpson
The Grove Park Inn