Packets Denied
Source Circuit Packet Type Destination Circuit
<All Interfaces> - <ANY> PUB_DFE_1 -
PUB_DFE_1 - <ANY> <All Interfaces> -
<End of List>

Configure Interface Options
Interface Name Status
PUB_DFE_1 Public
Q57_1_EII Private

.... so I would expect, that NO packets to the private IF are blocked at
all. But the server DOES do so at least for PING packets: The server
doesn't repond when PINGing it's priv-IF.

Unloading ipflt -> works immediatley
reinitialize system -> works for ~ 8 seconds, then no answers again.
I'm pretty sure that this wasn't fact from the beginning of that server
(started with NW6.5.3 and BM3.8.3). NW65SP4 and BM38SP4 were applied
just some 10 days ago, but I didn't check the PING behavior just prior
the patching.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Rudi.

Any ideas?

Regards, Rudi.