vers. NW6SP5

I am trying to upgrade server hardware to a SATA drive system.
I am copying from an 80Gig IDE to a 250Gig Raid.
The box is a brand new Supermicro 5013C-i. I run NW6.5 SP3 on another
identical server with SATA drives and it runs flawlessly.

On the 6.0 server, I can format the new SATA drive fine with DOS .6.22, and
xcopy the files over to
the new drive. I can load up Netware on the old drive, and copy SYS & VOl1
via Portlock
just fine. The problem is that as soon as Novell writes ANYTHING, even 1
byte to the
new SATA drive, it basically wipes out the entire fat table (ie DOS) on the
new drive.
When you look at it, the directory is full of garbage, files disappear. . .
ugly, unbootable.
I have tried about a dozen different tricks. . . the SYS volume is fine, the
partition always gets wiped out completely.

Any ideas?