I have 2 identical 18GB drives in my system.

Drive 0 contains:
30MB Dell Utility Partition
300MB Bootable DOS partition
16.6GB Netware partition with NSS volume SYS
23MB free space

Drive 1 is empty/unused.

My goal is to have a complete backup of Drive 0 on Drive 1 so that in the
event of a failure of Drive 0, I can simply replace it with Drive 1 and
go happily on my way. So, is this possible...

1) Use Portlock Storage Manager to copy/clone the utility and DOS
partitions from Drive0 to Drive1.

2) "Mirror" the NSS SYS volume from Drive 0 to Drive 1.

If this configuration is possible, how should it be carried out? Should
I create the mirror first, then copy/clone the 2 non-Netware partitions
or should I do the non-Netware stuff first? And, am I correct in the
belief that if Drive 0 would catastrophically fail, I could simply pull
it out, replace it with Drive 1 and it will boot and I'll be back up and
running within a minimal amount of time and effort?

Thanks for any help/advice you can give me!!!