I am planning to bring up a quicky NW 6.5 install on an Asus
motherboard with a 300Gb SATA drive with an Intel 82801EB controller to
try and work around a problem.

I just realized that I have never used SATA in Netware before. Can I
expect and trouble. Will NW6.5 SP4 image have the necessary drivers for
this ? I checked here:


But there is no entry for Intel, so I thought I would check before I do
something that might not be possible.

My situation is I have a server that has several problems, one of
which is incredibly slow backup performance. I am hopeful that applying
the latest service pack will help the whole situation, but I am having
problems getting a pre-upgrade complete backup! Catch-22, very
frustrating. So, I am going to bring up a workstation as another NW
server and copy the files off to there, just in case.

Any ideas are apreciated