Maybe I'm being stupid here, but when I download this service pack, it's
larger than a single CD. Since I rove from location to location, I put all
my service packs for various operating systems on CD and take them with
me. It's not really an option to simply download the file to a network
drive. SO .. the question I have is: where do I split the download? I have
made two CDs - one of them with everything BUT the products directory, and
one with ONLY the products directory. What's got me scared is the thought
of getting halfway through an install and having it ask for the files that
exist on the second disk - but due to my splitting it "wrong" I won't be
able to access them. So I will have a half upgraded server - not a pretty

So - am I being too cautious here? Is Novell more intelligent than I'm
giving it credit for?

Thoughts appreciated ...