Thanks for taking the time to read this. I have a server with 84GB in
RAID 5, NetWare 6 with SP5 and latest NSS patches. I have two NSS
partitions configured at 30GB each and one is reaching capacity. I had a
third partition configured at 20GB and since it was not being used, I
deleted the partition and the pool. NSS does not see the 20GB of free
space at all, but if you add up the total space of the RAID, minus the
SYS (traditional) volume and the two NSS partitions, there is 20GB out
there "somewhere". I've done just about everything I know to do, had our
campus Novell guru(ette) take a look at it and she sees nothing out of
the ordinary, and searches of the knowledgebase aren't helping either. I
try to create a new parttion and get the following message: "No free
space available for this operation".

I am sure there is some magic trick I am missing, because otherwise I am
facing a reformat in my near future.