Anyone had any RAID related problems with NSS on NW 6.5?
We've had NSS corruption now on 2 identical servers in the last couple
of months, and am wondering if anyone else has experienced this, or has
any ideas on what may be the culprit.

We're running NW6.5sp3 on identical Dell PowerEdge 2850 servers w/ 6GB
RAM, PERC-4dc controllers, and (6) 147GB disks in each array.

1 (of 6) drive failed in our internal RAID array. We started
experiencing NSS block errors after a drive was replaced and the array
had successfully rebuilt the new drive. The RAID controller was unaware
of ANY errors on any drives, and the ttylogs from the PERC controller
showed nothing unusual.

After several of these errors, the pool deactivated. Attempts to run a
verify on the pool abended the server with multiple abends, and
required a power-off. We lost data when running a rebuild on the

At this point, we don't have any confidence in our RAID system, and are
trying to figure out what we can do to prevent this from occurring

TIA for any insight as to what could be the cause for this.