I am researching my options to upgrade a Netware 5.0
server. I am also looking at options to move away from
mirrored drives in the server to just a bunch of disk (jbod) with
their own power supplies. The jbod that looks very
interesting is the SUN D1000 or the A1000. The D1000 has
2 SCSI channels so you can do disk duplexing mirroring by
having 2 SCSI controllers in the Netware server.

The A1000 has a SCSI controller built in that will do the
mirroring in hardware. Both models have space for 12 SCSI
drives and dual power supplies. The hardware is a bit dated
but it is on SUN's support list until 2009. If this configuration works
it will be used for storage space for our Pre-press Art work
department (who cannot delete anything). 8-)

My question is has anyone used either of these with
Netware? I really do not want to break new ground with this.

My philosophy that I have used in the past is to thoroughly
test the new hardware and server configuration. This is my
list : smile
a)install OS
b) configure hardware, and software
c) hammer away at the server with PERFORM3 (10 - 15
e) if it abends go to step b
f)install next on list of the required software
g) if it abends go to step b

By adjusting the configuration until the server is stable I have
usually ended up with a reliable server. The exceptions in my
experience have been with faulty or bad choices in hardware.

Hardware recommendations for SCSI controllers and all

Thanks for you help

Randy Wilson