I've added an external SATA RAID array to a Dell 2650 NW 6.5 server. 300
GB drives, RAID 5, effectively 850+ G space currently. I added an Adaptec
Ultra320 SCSI controller. The system was SP3 when I added the array and I
upgraded to SP4a and let the drivers overwrite. The ADPU320.HAM native NW
driver (presumably from the SP?) is loading in startup.ncf. I have
created a number of NSS pools and volumes.

Some of the pools and volumes are working well. Some of the pools are
giving block errors and deactivating.

The SCSI card has two external ports; I'm only using one channel. Does it
matter if the second channel is loading? The SATA box self-terminates.

Any sense why these failures aren't consistent across the box? Wouldn't a
bad spot on a disk likely show up in the RAID controller? Should I look
for an Adaptec driver - their driver for the card is only for 6.0
according to the download site. Are there non-default configuration
parameters in the SCSI controller that I should be paying attention to?