I recently ugraded our server with SP4a, and it went on without any problem,
reboots and looked fine.

I set a backup going, and when I came back to the server this morning it had
abended and was sat at a coredump screen.

I rebooted, and the server came back OK, but I noticed a quick message flash
by about the tape drive.. it was as error of some kind but strangely enough
when I paged back up the logger screen it wasn't there.

Anyway, I moved on to check things out.. the abend.log says it halted the
processor due to an error in server.nlm and zlss.nlm.

I tried firing up the backup software, Arcserve 11.1, and it won't load the
tape server, and indeed Im now trying to unload arcserve to reboot the
server and the consoles been say at "unloading tapesvr.nlm" for a good 15

The tape deck, and Ultrium LTO1 has been a bit itchy for weeks, you put in a
tape, it clanks and spits it back out.

Does anyone think it's just the drive giving up? and that it giving out
during a backup operation caused this abend? or are there and SMS updates
post SP4a that may help?