I installed oes as linux based and installed NSS to set quotas on users
home directories. I have created a pool and a volume in it. My problem is,
when I create a user, for example i create a user as 'erol' and I select
create home directory and show the location on the volume I created.
Everything works fine till here. I enter NSS and select volumes and select
user quotas and add 'erol' user by clicking on New and set a quota for it.
Now the problem is, when I log in as 'erol', quota doesnt work. It is
unlimited. I go to NSS, volumes and user quotas again and selected 'All
Users' tab and I saw my 'erol' user with the values entered but the quota
usage is 0 even I upload some files in its home folder plus I also see a
strange user with these info below;

** User Not Found ** [00000000-0000-0000-00-00-000000000001] No Quota
8.00 KB Unlimited

And this users quota usage is the 'erol' users quota usage. In other
words, user 'erol' quota is kept on this strange user thing.

Any ideas why?