I had to do a NSS /Poolruild action because of the following error

pool DATA: System data error 20012(beastTree.c[506]). Block 39321077(fileblock -39321077)(ZID 1)

The pool is 512GB and the space in use is about 38%. The pool is on a fibre attached HP MSA1000.

It took over 12 hours to rebuild this pool with an average of 476 System Objects Processed/sec, 98 Disk Blocks Read/sec and 35 Disk Blocks Written/sec.

I've done a few rebuilds some years ago (NSS 2.x on NetWare 5.1) and noticed then that the progress of the rebuild action runs until free space is reached, so in the situation above; the progressbar went on to 38% and then went straight to 100%. But in this particular case it was very slow all the way up to 100%.

Is it normal that a 500GB pool takes such a long time to rebuild (NetWare 6.5 SP3 with post patches)?

Thanks in advance,