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How to distribute your volumes into one or more pools depends a lot on
your environment and the way you work. Just a few general recommendations
that might help you make the best choice for your environment:

- Always use a separate pool for the SYS volume. The reason is you don't
want the pool for the SYS volume to become full as that will halt your
server. A separate pool for SYS and not putting any user data on SYS
ensures that users cannot make your server stop by copying too much data
to a volume

- Avoid pools spanning multiple disks if you don't have any kind of disk
redundancy. In fact, if a pool spans multiple disks and one disk fails,
the whole pool is lost and all volumes in it. If you have some kind of
redundancy (mirroring, RAID 5 ..), then this should not be an issue.

- Putting multiple volumes in a same pool gives you more flexibility in
assigning storage to volumes. The volumes dynamically share all free space
in the pool. To avoid one volume taking too much, you can use quotas on
the volumes in a pool. If you take the one volume per pool approach, you
do not have that flexibility. If one volume becomes full, you can't use
free space from another volume to increase the full volume.

- in the particular case of a cluster, the pool is the smallest entity
that can be assigned to a node. If you have a multi node cluster and you
want to share the load, you probably want multiple pools that you can
assign to different nodes so that the workload can be better distributed

Marcel Cox (using XanaNews