I am a new user to Novell 6.0 coming from old Netware 3.11. I have a raid
5 volume on my only server. Last week I lost a drive for that volume. I
put a new drive in it, let the drive rebuild and everything looked fine.
Later my server went down, after 2 days of diagnosing the problem, it turns
out that everytime I reference a certain directory on the volume the server
abends. I ran dsrepair on the server and I get no errors. This is a NSS
volume, is there a utility like vrepair(that worked on traditional volumes)
that will go thru and fix this problem on the NSS volume? I can't afford
to lose the volume, its all the company business data. Please HELP!!!! I
can get a backup of all the directories but that directory on tape every
night and I am using a DOS batch file to copy individual files from the bad
directory so I do have a good backup every night. Thanks, Scott