We have two NW6.0 servers (sp3 & sp4) where Timestamps on newly created files use UTC time instead of the timezone the server is set to.

This issue is addressed in NW6.5sp3 (tid 10097807), so I'd like to know if applying nw6.0sp5 or nw6nss5c.exe will fix the issue.

If I had a Nw6.5 server I could fix the issue with the following command.
nss /NoTimeZoneIgnore

I've not found this option discussed in any NW6.0SPx changlogs or patches.

Can anyone tell me if this is fixed in NW6.0sp5 or NW6.0sp5 + nw6nss5c.exe?

Would someone please execute the below command and tell me if the /NoTimeZoneIgnore option is available on a Netware 6.0sp5 ( with or without nw6nss5c.exe patch).

Howto Display hidden nss options.
nss /hidden

Please state the OS version and patch level when replying.