We've started to get some worrying messages when our volume resources in
our cluster fail over. This is NW65SP3, but without NW65NSS3a; this is
our cluster so we're conservative when it comes to patches there.

11-21-2005 9:20:32 am: COMN-3.22-1092 [nmID=A0025]
NSS-3.00-5001: Pool CLUSRV2/APP3 is being deactivated.
An I/O error (21624(zlssMSAP.c[1827])) at block 0(file block 0)(ZID 0) has
compromised pool integrity.

If I explicitly offline the resource and bring it exlicitly online to the
same node that spat the message, it'll mount just fine. THe Logger screen
has this notice:

Nov 21, 2005 9:20:32 am NSS<ZLSS>-3.22-xxxx: zlssMSAP.c[1878]
MSAP: Pool "APP3" ownership lost, pool may have been corrupted by
being activated from two servers at the same time.

We can't do PoolVerifies right now, but we have a window for that kind of
downtime in about three weeks. The question is, is this the kind of fault
where we really should push for an earlier window?

And secondly, is this the kind of fault where upgrading to NW65SP4a (and
the associated newer NSS code) would help?

Novell, it does a network good