At the school where I work we have two file server one for admin and one
for student.

We are running Netware 6 SP5 and Zenworks 4.01 ir6 on both servers.

I've been noticing that volume SYS on both servers tend to have a lot of
purgeable space approximately 6.5 GB which is a lot. I get this much
purgeable space on the SYS volume after about 2 weeks of purging the SYS

What could be causing the SYS volume to have so much purgeable space? I
know I can manually purge the volume but is there anything else I can do
to purge the volume? I tried seting the volume to purge immediate but it
doesn't seem to work. By the way, one server SYS volume is traditional
where the other one is NSS.

I noticed on the SYS volume under SYS:\McAfee\Netshld\Temp that when I
manually run a purge on the sys volume that most of the stuff being purged
is from the above directory in McAfee. As mentiond above I set purge
immediate on the sys volume but it doesn't seem to be working.

Take care!