NDS 8 87.3.5
NSS 3.22:0607 NetWare 6.5 Post-SP3 NSS 3A
NetWare 6.5 SP3

Under NSSMU, the following is reported:

1- Device (136 GB Capacity, 47 GB Partitioned and 88 GB unpartitioned space)
3- Partitions
2- Pools (SYS and DATA)
2- Volumes (DATA and SYS)

I want to create a 40 gig slice of the unused storage space. My question is what are the sequences to create this storage?

I suspect you use NSSMU at the Server Console to create a Partition, then a Pool and finally Volumes, however I am not certain. Any input is appreciated or where I can find step by step instructions would be helpful.