I have one group of users (one grade in a high school) with strange
problems. When trying to save image files from an HP scanner to their home
directory, they get an error saying that the file already exists even
though that file name has not been used. This began with .tif files and
now is affecting .jpg files. Instead of creating the file, it creates a
temporary file with 0 KB.

In addition, the teacher has had trouble copying files to these students
folders. She gets the same message.

Today, I discovered that the backup software is not doing a differential
backup for those users.

None of the other users (faculty or other students) have this problem.

I have checked file rights and cannot find any differences between this
group of users and the other students. I have checked details on
individual students and again cannot find any differences.

Desktop: Windows XP Pro SP 2; Zenworks 6.5 (NAL running); Novell Client -- Group policies same for all students -- Students from
all grades use these computers

Netware 6.5 SP3
edir 8.7.35 SMP
NDS 10551.78
NSS Version 3.22 BUld 994

IP network with SLP running

All users save to the same NSS volume. Home directories are grouped by
type of user: faculty, class2006, class2007, class2008 and class2009. Only
the users with files stored in the class2008 folder are affected.

Folders were transferred from a NW6 volume onto this new server by a
technician over the summer. He used a utility to redirect the home
directories to the new volume.

Any suggestions on how to proceed would be appreciated

Marcia Philbrick
Nemaha Valley High School