You obviously installed Netidentity with the clients.
If you don't want this behaviour, uninstall Netidentity through Control
Panel or using msiexec:

Peter vd Woude
Novell Support Forums SysOp

> Can someone explain to me how NetStorage manages to track session state
> when using Internet Explorer on a workstation with the Novell Client?
> We are working with placing two NetStorage servers behind a Content Switch
> Module (for load balancing and SSL offloading). In this configuration,
> everything works as normal when using a non-IE browser (ie Mozilla) or
> using IE *without* the Novell client present. In these scenerios, you are
> prompted for authentication, you enter it, and get in. However, It seems
> with the Novell client installed and using IE, authentication is somehow
> passed through and session state tracked much differently. In this
> scenerio, no authentication appears to be required and furhurmore, no
> cookie is appears to be dropped, whereas with the other browsers, the
> cookie is plainly there.
> Our CSM architecture appears to be causing problems for this passthrough
> authentication and cookie-less session tracking thats going on when you
> use IE and the Novell client together. You will see the NetStorage screen,
> however, there is a bunch of garbage in the main pane. If someone could
> help explain what Novell is doing in this special circumstance it would
> possibly help me understand how our CSM is getting in the way.
> This is using NW6.5 SP3, Novell Client 4.91 SP1, and IE 6SP2.
> Thanks
> -Rob