I posted this a couple months ago and didn't get a reply so I'm going to
try one more time. Sorry if this is bad netiquette.

With the Netware iSCSI initiator, how would I go about turning on header
and data digests? My test gear is Netware 6.5 SP4 and the target is a
Cisco MDS switch with an IP Services blade. When I do "iscsi list" I
see (amongst other things):


I've tried setting these to "Yes", "On", "True", and "1" without
success. I connect to my target fine, but it report digests as off.
Digests work fine with the Microsoft iSCSI Initiator v2.0 (just check
the box in the initiator software). I'm having a lot of trouble finding
documentation for these settings. Anyone got any pointers for me?