Sorry if this is a dumb question but I couldn’t find it any ware else.
Netware OES sp1a server
When I go in to imanger(2.5) if I click on any link under “File Access
(NetStorage)” except “Files” it comes up just fine. As soon as I click on
“Files” I get all the other pages come up “Service not available. Possible
cause: Unauthorized” and “Files” comes up “NetStorage getData:
IOExceptionURL = https://mail/oneNet/xtier-loginnull”.
If I try to view files through VO I get a similar error. NetStorage direct
still works (servername/NetStorage)

While I’m posting about NetStorage, On versions prior to OES the file list
would list all the folders THEN the files. With OES It list some of the
folders and then files, if you go to the next page it lists more folders
and then more files. How do I make it go back?

Thanks for any help