I have a weird issue that was unconvered by one of my users. They showed
me a certain file that was having it's modified time change without
actually changing the file. When the user highlights the file in explorer
you will see the modified date and time on the left. If I were to hit the
refresh key and highlight the file the time would change. Well I decided
to try this on some of my own files and the same thing happens with a few
of my files. It does not occur on all the files but just a few. If I
move the file to my desktop it seems to behave as expected. When I move
it back to the server it goes back to the same thing with the date
changing. If I actually go in and change the file and then save it the
date and time stamp changes as expected and the file is no longer effected
by the refresh key. I am running Netware 6.5 SP4 with the post SP4 NSS
patch that was supposed to fix the salvage issue. I don't recall if I
have rebooted the server since I put the NSS patch on though - I am
guessing yes.