We have a Dell 2800 server with RAID 5 that lost a drive running Netware
6.5, sp5. We replaced the drive and from what we can tell, the drive was
rebuilt. I was not in the office but was told that the server had an
error the next day and would not allow logins. The server err was "RAID
5 deactivated by driver due to device failure". The workstation clients
were also receiving an ".....invalid handler ....." error. Sorry for the
cryptic error message description but I was not here to get the exact
error message. The server was restarted worked all day with no errors
and the problem occurred again yesterday after I left for the day and
other staff was here still working. From what I read, the RAID drive
should have been rebuilt at the controller level and that Netware should
not have seen a difference. Is there something more I should have done
when the drive failed, paticularly on the Netware side? Should I have
run a NSS rebuild or what.

Lynette Holliday
Michigan First Credit Union