I have two HP DL320 servers with SATA drives in RAID 1 mirror config.
Both are having NSS issues.

One is my GW 6.5.5 WebAccess server. After a day or two, the utilization
will peg to 100% and it shows NSS using all the CPU.

My other server is my GW GWIA server. It runs great until I load GWIA,
then after about 5 minutes of GWIA running, Current Disk Requests go to
over 1000 and just sit there. Response time is super slow at this
point. After about 5 or 10 minutes, disk requests will go back down to
under 10 and response is back but GWIA processing is still slow. It
jumps back to over 1000 after a minute or two of low disk requests.

I have NW 6.5.4a on both DL320 servers. Both are RAID 1 with 80 GB SATA
drives and onboard RAID controller. Both are having NSS related
problems. Please help, I've got 2500 messages backed up on my GWIA and
users are not happy.