I've read through sone of the other threads on this subject but they
don't answer my problem/question. I have Nw6.5sp4 overlay installed with
NetStorage running fine using the default url
(http://x.x.x.x/oneNet/NetStorage). According to the Admin Guide you can
change the NetStorage Options>Location (via IManage) to change the
default 'oneNet' string in the URL to use something other than the
default and it instructs you to also change the xsrv.conf > Location
setting. When these change are applied and Apache is bounced the
NetStorage user potion will work fine but when you try to manage any of
the settings via iManage you get a 'Service not available. Possible
cause: Unauthorized' error. I'm I doing something wrong or does this
really not work as described in the docs?