Hi All,

Has anyone ever experienced anything similiar to the following:

We have HP BL20 proliant Blade servers (two local SCSI 36Gb drives mirrored
for the OS), these are attached via fibre to an HP MSA1000 SAN (contains 3
volumes; Vol {DATA1}, Vol {DATA2} & Vol {MEDIA}).

Servers are in question are running Netware6.5 SP1. (I know this SP is a out
of date but as we are in the middle of installing/config new clustered OES
NW6.5 SP1 servers I have not upgraded this SP on the servers as it has been
running fine for the last 18months)

Server3 & Server4 are the ONLY servers with a fibre connection to the SAN,
as follows:
Server3 Vols are: SYS(local_nss), DATA1(san_nss), DATA2(san_nss)
Server4 Vols are: SYS(local_nss), IMS(local_tradfs), MEDIA(san_nss)

The long & the short of it is, last week we lost the (DATA1, DATA2 & MEDIA)
vols that are located on the SAN. The local vols on the 36Gb drive
containing the OS were ok.

#### #### #### ####
#### #### #### ####
#### ####
I arrived at work last Thurs to discover that Server3 had no DATA1/DATA2
vols (user data/apps unavailable)
When viewing the 'Partition Disks' in Netware Remote Manager I can see the
usual two controllers (e.g. local server scsi drive controller & the san
fibre scsi controller), whilst under the local controller I can see the SYS
vol all ok & mounted (as expected), under the san fibre controller where I
would expect to see both DATA1 & DATA2 vols mounted and ok, I only see the
CREATE OPTION that lets you create new NSS POOL/VOL from available space on
the device!!!

On SERVER4 when I look at 'Partition Disks' in Netware Remote Manager the
local SYS vol is ok & ALSO the san MEDIA vol is MOUNTED & OK! (in explorer I
even browsed to the vol & created a new folder & txt file ok

This is where it gets really strange,,,
My next trian of thought was to powerdown the servers & san then reboot
hoping that Server3 would as usual automatically mount the san vols DATA1&2.
To my horror, after all servers & san had powered up the san vols on Server3
still displayed empty device space (e.g. the CREATE option) AND NOW ALSO
where I'd expect to see the san MEDIA vol mounted on Server4 I can only see
the CREATE option

To cut a long story short, we have restored from back up but some data has
been lost (e.g the vols appear to have been in the middle of being backed up
when the vols disappeared, logs in the backup software (Bakbone Netvault)
show the backup jobs starting and erroring after approx 80mins!).

Has anyone experienced anything similiar??? Could it be software (netware,
nss, netvault), hardware (fibre driver, HP SAN msa1000)

Any tips/help/pointers welcomed as I am again getting pressure from
management to investigate if M$ servers & NTFS/FAT are more reliable than
Novell NSS vols etc...