Had a curious problem yesterday, server is OES, netware kernel, current
support pack.
A volume with 230GB space showed 130GB free space (in windows).
Have a special restore area oin this volume.
Deleted old restored files in this area (about 55GB).
Then started a new restore (syncsort backup express).
This server is also used for some automated file store prozesses (where rtf
and pdf files will be stored from windows clients).
After the restore run for a while we detected that several pdf and rtf files
have been saved as corrupted files, means that ther always missed about 1kb
at the end of the file. Further searching I found that the remote manager
telling me, that there is only about 10mb free space on the volume but 130GB
purgeable free space.
So I think the server started purging files in the background while restore
and automated prozesses still storing files; and sometimes this storing
prozes didnt worde correct. But none of those applications get an error back
from the server, that storing of file went wrong.
So it seems to be a bug in Netware?
Any idea / help?