Im a bit lost in conffiguring this new Promise M500i iSCSI box. I have
done basic conffigurations for ethernet (running on separarate 1.1.1.xxx
IP enviroment with own switch). Allso created Array and Logical Drive
using "box'es" own utility. When I do the iSCSI initiator commands on nw
6.5 sp4 server everything seems to be ok.

Loading Module IOCTL.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSILIB.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSINIT.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSIHAM.HAM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSINRM.NLM [ OK ]
Loading Module ISCSIXML.NLM [ OK ]
IM-SJ:iscsi set ImmediateData=No
Parameter "ImmediateData" set to "No"
IM-SJ:iscsinit discover
iSCSI Targets found at
IM-SJ:iscsinit connect
Connection to "iqn.1994-12.com.promise.target.ab."

From promise web management iSCSI sessions you can see:
Index Device Name Port ID Device IP Address Status
Session 2 iqn.1984-08.com.novell:.im-sj.sjarvi.efore.fiface. 1 Active

I allso conffigured the Initiators and LUN Mapping on Promise side (dont
know is it even nessary??).

I can allso se the promise on NSSMU utitys DEVICES view, but cant create
a POOL, it says that no space available.

What Im missing here?