If this is a duplicate message I do apologize. I wrote this before but
the message did not appear so I figured that I would post it again.

We are currently involved with an issue regarding trying to add storage
space to our server. The customer added two more drives to their system, to
make for a total of 5 drives, 1 they are going to keep for the raid, but
they would like to add the other to their exisiting server storage. When we
attempted to do this we receieved the following error message on the
server, "526 partition create failed", we attempted this through iManager,
and NSSMU both failed with the same results. The current server is sp2 for
NW 6.5, and our thoughts are now to update both the server, and the NSS
nlm's to see if this will fix the issues. I have seen from other posts that
service pack 4a causes other issues, and that the NSS patch does as well.
Can anyone tell me if we should simply try sp3 first, and see if our
problem is fixed, or what kind of experiences they have had in dealing with
SP4a, and the NSS patches? Thank you for any assitance you can offer.