Hi all out there!

We are facing some SYS pool deactivation problems due to drive errors
in a NW6.0/sp5 server.

As far as we can read in several Cool Solutions and other technical
documents it is possible to use ghost or more advanced solutions from
Portlock or Symantec. As far as we have already used ghost with Windows
boxes and we have not Portlock or Symantec licenses we are trying to
use it in this case.

We have shutdown the server and apparently clone without a glitch the
boot disk containing the FAT16 boot partition and SYS pool/SYS volume.

Fdisk shows the FAT16 partition and an unknown. The same is true for
the original disk.

But if we try to boot from the cloned drive volume SYS doesn't mount
claiming that some segment is lacking.

Please, is it possible what we are trying to do? If yes, where could be
our error?

Thanks for your help,

Ricardo Rodríguez