I have a client running a SAN (FC) booted Netware 6.5 SP3 installation,
and am having a problem with multipath failover. They have 4 paths to
the SAN boot device via dual redundant fabrics and all 4 paths are
detected correctly by netware & listed in iManager / "list failover

The netware host has no local HDs and boot entirely from the SAN via 2
QL2340 HBAs, I've disabled the QL multipathing as described in
TID10085142, and SCSIHD.CDM is loaded with the AEN parameter.

Everything almost works fine, but I can only get the box to
failover/back once. The 2nd time I bring a link down and back up, it
never returns as a valid path for the device.


1. Shut down the port on one FC switch t the netware host.
- Netware removes 2 paths to SAN boot device.
2. Enable port again.
- Netware returns the 2 failover paths to the SAN boot device,
and if one of those paths was selected before 1, will fail
back and start using it again.
3. Shut down the port again.
- Netware removes 2 paths to SAN boot device.
4. Enable the port again.
- Netware never adds the failover paths back to the device. Though
a "scan for new devices" by hand will pick up the paths and add
them to the list of failover devices.

I've tried waiting a long time (>30mins) between port shutdowns, but
after one successful failover / back it never works again.

Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Is it expected behavior?

Kind regards,

Chris Sykes