When I copy a lot of data ( 60 gigs, xcopy) from one computer to the
netware server using the Windows 2000 Adv. Server console, the Win
server looses connectivity to the NW server (can't ping DNS name, allnetware mapped drives (i.e. F, Z) are no longer reachable, and xcopy
errors with message that it can't write because the destination drive

is no longer

The problem consitently occurs when run from the Win server; however,the errors occur at different times during the copy. That is, the
does not always occur when the same files are copied.

When I break the xcopy command to copy one directory at a time, I get

no errors. The q:\files subdir contains about 20 directories.

When I use a different XP workstation to execute the batch file, I donot receive the connectivity errors.

batch file: xcopy q:\files\*.* f:\files /d /s /e /i /c /r /h /y

NW 6.5 new install
Windows 2000 Advanced Server sp4, clean install
Source workstation is XP machine

NW server and Win server are on same switch (3com 3870)
XP machine is off yonder connected with gigabit ethernet.

Q: is mapped to XP source machine
F: is mapped to SYS on NW server

I execute the batch file from the Win server

Windows 2000 server also runs: DNS, DHCP, WINS
Running Active Directory on Win server

NW client 4.91 is installed on Windows server, SLP is static

NW server has Scoped SLP and is the only DA
DNS for DA is SLP1 and it resolves correctly

Both servers have one dual-port Intel Pro/1000MT NIC. Both ports areteamed (802.3ad)

If anyone knows what would cause the loss of communication, let me