We have 10 netware servers running just fine. But one NW 6.0 server is
having serios troubles. Disk Access is very slow. Copying 50MB takes 10
seconds on most servers but 70 seconds on this. Saving files takes up to 2
minutes! Veritas Backup takes ages! Printing is slow.

IPX clients are faster but lose connections from time to time.

We have 2 pools with SYS volume on the first pool and Vol1, Vol2, Vol3 on
the second.

tsatest shows normal performance but then timeouts!

What we did so far:

- applied sp1, sp2, sp3, sp4 and also applied some nss patches from NW65
- changed almost the complete hardware (except disks, cables and cpu)
- installed diferrent clients with different settings
- patched server in different switches

Please help!!