I have Netware 6.5 sp4a running on my novell servers. McAfee Netshield is
causing a problem in that, following a virus scan, files have the Meta-Data
archive bit turned on. When an incremental backup next occurs, the
Meta-Archive bit is noted as set and the files backed up, even though the
file archive bit remains off.

One recommendation to resolve this problem is to load TSAFS.nlm with the
switch /skipMetaDataArchive.

My first question is, does the TSAFS.NLM file that comes with Netware 6.5
sp4a, support the /skipMetaDataArchive switch? According to a "Module
TSAFS.NLM" the version I'm running is Version 6.51, dated Aug 8, 2005

My second question, if I'm performing differential or incremental backups
based on the archive bit status of a file, would having this switch set
prevent other files that have changed from being backed up? Another way to
ask this is, would Netware ever modify a file and change the Meta-Archive
bit but not the actual archive bit for the file?

My third question is, seeing as TSAFS is not specifically loaded in my
AUTOEXEC.NCF file, where would it be advisable to add the load statement
including switch. Place it at the beginning of the Autoexec.ncf file,
anywhere in said file but before my backup software's load statemetn
(BESTART.NCF) or at the beginning of the NCF file used to load the backup
software? I guess my question here is, if TSAFS is already loaded, will
issueing a "LOAD TSAFS.NLM /skipMetaDataArchive" statement cause TSAFS to
reload with the required switch, or do I need to unload TSAFS then reload it
with the appropriate switch?

I look forward to your comments and suggestions