I have a Netware 6.0 server that I just patched to SP5 from SP3. Using
Veritas Backup Exec 9.0 build 4202, I've found that my disk-to-tape
backup throughput went from approx 70 MB/minute down to approx 30

I see that with NW6SP5, TSA600.NLM has been replaced with TSAFS.NLM.
There is a tech note in Veritas Knowledge Base that talks about
a /NoCacheMode switch in TSAFS that will significantly affect backup
performance. However, the TSAFS.NLM that introduced this switch was
version 6.50.11, mine is 6.50.09.

Can anyone help me configure my TSAFS.NLM and/or BKUPEXEC so I can get my
backup performance back to where it should be?

Thanks for any help!!!