I have a Cluster with a SAN. I increased the Disk for a Pool and then tried
to expand the Pool with NSSMU. During that Operation the Server abended.
That brougt the result, that the NW 6 Master Partition was extended, but no
new NW 6 Partition created.
Tried Storage Manager to fix, but Storage Manager (Cluster disabled) now
tells in red screen:

" Error: Invalid NetWare 6 Partition Stamp

Device #5
Absolute Sector: 629,137,440
FDISK Partition Offset: 32
FDISK Partition Size: 880,803,808
Offset before partition end: 251,666,400

This could be unmarked free space within a NetWare 6 Master Partition
(NetWare 6.x bug) or this could be a corrupted partition.

<Press any key to continue> "

I hoped, that Storage Manager could increase the pool, but tells me, that he
can't calculate the end of Partition.

Any help without recreating the whole pool ???