In a NW60SP4 server with IDE drives and IDEATA version 4.11 loaded, when the
server cold boots the debugger pops up during the IDEATA load with the
message "Break because debug procedure was called" and stops at the #
prompt. The "?" command at the debugger prompt shows IDEATA.HAM as the
process that called the break. When I type "g" and Enter startup resumes
booting and completes fine.

When I load the system with "-ns -na " and load processes manually,
everything is fine, no debugger break. It's only on a restart with all
commands loading automatically that this occurs. Unfortunately, it's a
problem when trying to restart the server remotely.

Can I take the IDEATA.DDI & IDEATA.HAM from SP5 and use those without
applying the whole support pack? Should I apply the whole support pack?

Is this something that anyone has seen, and can anyone give me some idea of
how to get past it?

Thanks very much,

-- Geoff