Can we integrate an inexpensive iSCSI solution (NW6.5 iSCSI target
server with SATA Raid5 disks) into an existing 5 node cluster with
Fiber attached SAN?

We have a 5 Node NW6.5SP2 cluster with Fiber attached SAN (Xiotech) but
data is filling up and we would like to migrate old data to low cost
Can we define multiple Pools and volumes on the iSCSI target server,
and mount these on the different cluster nodes?

Node_1 with volume DATA (SAN) and volume DATA2 (iSCSI) in same cluster
(un)load scripts, so the server can migrate old files from DATA to
DATA2 transparant to the users. (If the user wants to access old files,
they should see them in the same drive mapping as now, only maybe
slower access times)

Other nodes can have other iSCSI volumes mounted, but should be able to
fail over to nodes where alreade an iSCSI volume is mounted, and
migration back should be possible without losing other iSCSI
connections. (I believe this is only possible from NW6.5SP3 or above?
Please confirm)

In the iSCSI 1.1.3 Administration Guide of 28 feb. 2005, I read that
Cluster Services should be installed AFTER installation of iSCSI
initiator and BEFORE creating NSS partitions on the shared disk system.
This is probably the case in an iSCSI ONLY SAN, but is this also true
in a mixed environment Fiber SAN and iSCSI SAN on the same cluster?

thanks for all possible information