We recently upgraded a server from NW 5.1 on a Pentium 700 to NW 6.5 on a
dual Pentium 3.2Ghz. We also switched from standard volumes to NSS. One
of the volumes on this server stores all our workstation images created
with Ghost.

On the old server we could install an image (about 1.5GB) on a new PC in
about 7 minutes using an IPX boot disk. Using an IP boot disk it would
take about 11 minutes. On the new server it now takes about 40 minutes.
Pretty sad for a new machine with much more CPU power, faster drives and
4GB of RAM.

I checked for obvious things like duplex mismatches on the NIC card but
can't find any problems there. Could it be that NSS volumes don't work
well Ghost images. Note we are not imaging NSS volumes, just storing them
there. The images are for Windows 2000 and XP workstations.

I've hard assigned 800MB to NSS cache (no cache balance). My latest NSS
cache stats are:

UTILITY:nss cache
***** Buffer Cache Statistics *****
Min cache buffers: 185000
Num hash buckets: 262144
Min OS free cache buffers: 256
Num cache pages allocated: 185102
Cache hit percentage: 85%
Cache hit: 61528810
Cache miss: 10704482
Cache hit percentage(user): 49%
Cache hit(user): 10101844
Cache miss(user): 10332404
Cache hit percentage(sys): 99%
Cache hit(sys): 51426966
Cache miss(sys): 372078
Percent of buckets used: 62%
Max entries in a bucket: 5
Total entries: 184878

Any ideas or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,