We currently have a NW6.5 SP2 server running with (1) NSS 36GB SCSI HDD
which contains the SYS volume and 2 temp storage volumes, and (3)
Traditional mirrored 36GB SCSI HDDs which hold our data on 1 volume. We
are looking to add additional data storage and have purchased (2) more
36GB SCSI drives which originally we were planning on setting up as 1
mirrored traditional volume similar to the existing data volume.

I was hoping someone might give me their opinion on this set up:
- I am concerned that our SYS volume isn't mirrored. Is there an easy way
to move one of our data drives to mirror the existing SYS volume? I
wasn't sure what that would entail since all of the data drives are
traditional and the SYS drive is NSS.
- Is having the 3 mirrored traditional volumes overkill... would having
only 2 suffice?
- Also, is there any good documention out there that shows a disaster
recovery procedure in the case of one of the mirrored drives failing?
While we backup our data regularly, I'm concerned about the time it would
take for us to get everything back up and working. I've had a hard time
finding any good TID's on Novell's site.

Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated. Thanks.