I am experiencing some problems deleting a couple of simingly empty
directories that fail to remove because the folder is not empty. All
reporting tools seem to indicate the folder is empty except Remote
Administrator which does display contents but am still unable to modify
those contents.

I found TID:
Talking about problems in NW6.5 SP3 that we are running where Macintosh
code can inadvertently set the SecureTrustee on files making them
unreachable. The TID recommends using an NSS option to disable the
SecureTrustee, then remove the files, and reenable it. However, when I
execute the command given in the TID, i receive:

Jan 10, 2006 3:25:20 pm NSS<NSSLIB>-3.22-212: pcmdline.c[694]
Option "/IgnoreSecureTrustee" is unknown for the current NSS
and may require other NSS modules to be loaded.

Can anyone explain more this SecureTrustee??? this TID definitely fits
whats going on, but I'm not showing a command for the supposed fix. Do we
not have a method of viewing this trustee and removing it from a file? the
TID only talks about unveiling these files temporary, deleting them, and
then recovering them.