So the worst has happened - drive 0 of one of my 11 servers has developed
problems and won't load Novell (data errors reading the c:\nwserver
directory). I do have a Raid(1) mirrored drive, but, it doesn't have the
DOS partition on it so I can't boot from it. Diags say Drive 0 is failing,
Drive 1 is good. I have ordered a replacement drive for the one that's

I have several questions about the next steps. First, can I just put a DOS
partition on Drive 1 and make it the Master and then mirror it to the new
drive? Or, when I get the new drive will I have to install Netware again
(and all service Packs) on it or can I get the drive 1 mirrored partition
uploaded to the new drive so all the configuration and tree info, etc is
the same as before?

In short, what's the best way to get back to when it was all working

Thanks for any good advice.