Greetings all--

I have a silly question, but thought I'd ask anyway. TID 10096727 seems
to explain pretty well how to add new drives to a pool. My question is
about this bit below:

"4.)Go to the 'Volumes' section and verify the the volume you intended
to increase. You might notice that the entire space of the device you
added was added to the size of the volume. In some cases not all the
space will be added to your volume, as you might have multiple volumes
in the pool you have been adding to. The added space will then be
divided over all the volumes in that specific pool."

Am I to take this to mean that if I add more space to a pool, this space
is automatically evenly divided over the volumes in that pool?

I don't really want that, I would rather allocate more space to the data
volumes than to the others. So I don't want to just add it and find
that, say, my print queues volume has expanded more than I want it to,
because I'd have to delete and rebuilt the volumes then. Will NSSMU
allow me to allocate space as I see fit?

Am I worrying about this needlessly?

Many thanks in advance.

Brian Simpson
Grove Park Inn